RENT Token

RENTER.cafe is a fair launch project with no pre-sale, no investor, and no pre-mine. Majority of the RENT tokens will be distributed to various stakeholders that create value for our platform.
Ticker: RENT Contract Address: 0x60DfEAC9d2a7b76C8A800ED5965CBFaE3aAead27 Chain: AVALANCHE

What's RENT tokens used for?

There are currently three primary utilities for RENT tokens:

1. Accrue value through platform economic benefits

RENTER.CAFE has put in place multiple buyback & burn mechanics to help RENT token holders capture platform economic benefits from just holding the tokens. When tokens are burned, their supply becomes more scarce, thereby increasing the value of the remaining tokens.

2. Participate in the governance process

RENT is the RENTER.CAFE token. This means that RENT token holders will be able to vote on key decisions for the platform such as protocol parameters, rewards emission schedule, and the design of renter.cafe's NFTs’ parameters. The governance process is scheduled to be implemented in Q1 of 2022.

3. Participate in the auctions

Since our NFT's can only be purchased with RENT tokens, this puts buy pressure on our token for people who want to participate as they need to either farm our tokens or buy enough of them on the open market.

🍰 Tokenomics

Please see below for our tokenomics.
total max supply : 10.000.000 RENT
Airdrop : 500.000 RENT (to anyone who has bridged funds over to the avalanche network. This will happen approximately 1 week after launch)
Development team : 500.000 RENT (linearly vested for 90 days) Founders : 500.000 RENT (linearly vested for 90 days)
Liquidity bootstrap : 500.000 RENT (this amount will be provided as liquidity at 0.03$ per token)
Marketing : 1.000.000 (this amount will be used to reward active community participants, as well as by participating in organised bounty actions. Any unused funds after a period which is tbd will be burnt, as these funds will not be used for anything except marketing)
Liquidity mining : 8.000.000 RENT
At launch there will be a circulating supply of 2.5 million tokens, of which 1 Million will be linearly vested over a 90 day period, 1 million is only used for marketing purposes and 500.000 liquid and tradeable. Shortly after launch the airdrop will be initiated, incentivizing people who have bridged over to the avalanche ecosystem to come and check out our platform.