Integrated NFT Functionalities

Nothing is wrong with punks, penguins, apes, and rocks. We love them. But we also believe NFTs can be much more than just collectibles. That's why we have designed Renters to have real integrated NFT functionalities from the ground up. We have implemented two key functionalities for our NFTs from day one, and we will continue to add more NFT functionalities to our platform in the future. We are planning to initially introduce 5 different properties:

Coffee House

Terraced House

2 story home with garage




We will have 9 different kind of traits by which the NFT's will be different from each other :



the maximum of every kind of house or variation of house that will be minted and will have a function
Pool ID's
The pool(s) in which this nft will be functional. This can be 1 pool, many pools, or even all current and future pools
this gives an extra % of your staked assets as a reward. for example, lets say you staked 10K$ in value at a 300% apy and you are the proud owner of a coffee house that gives a multiplier of 0.2. then instead of 300% apy you will have 360% as the multiplier gives you 20% extra on the existing yield.
This trait gives a flat amount of lp in an existing pool. this is a better trait to have if your own staked assets are quite low. This will be a rare trait to have.
The amount shown here will be the cooldown period (expressed in seconds) in which you are safe from stealing. After this period ends, your nft will go back into auction at the start ratio determined in the next field and is susceptible to stealing.
Start Ratio
This is the multiplier for which an NFT will go to auction after the protection cooldown has finished. For example, if the NFT sold for 1000 RENT tokens in the initial auction and the start ratio multiplier is set to 5, the starting price of the steal auction will start at 5000 RENT tokens.
End Ratio
This is the multiplier at which an NFT ends in price. Lets say the end Ratio of a particular NFT on our platform is 2, this means that if the initial sell price was 1000 RENT, the floor of the new sell price in the steal auction can not go below 2000 RENT.
This is the time it takes for the auction between Start ratio price and end Ratio price. (Expressed in seconds)
Keep Ratio
this is the amount of the sale price, expressed in % that the owner gets after the steal auction is finished and therefore transferred to a new owner.
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